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Is it Safe to Fly with an Ear Infection?3 min read

Flying can be uncomfortable on the ears under the best circumstances. As the plane changes altitude and[…]

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There’s something incredibly satisfying about getting around by public transit in a foreign place. Taking the bus[…]

10 Exercises You Can Do on an Airplane Without Looking Weird3 min read

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Do you feel a sense of dread when you think about being in the sky? You’re not[…]

Be Prepared: Tips for Planning for Your Vacation in the Era of COVID Variants4 min read

The stress is real. Just when we thought it was safe to plan that big trip we[…]

Top Travel Tips During Pregnancy3 min read

In most cases, it’s totally safe for pregnant women to travel. They are, however, more vulnerable to[…]

Lessons Learned as a Solo Female Traveler7 min read

When I was 24 years old, I quit my job to travel the world by myself for[…]

Healthy Travel Tips for Beach Vacations with Infants5 min read

Going to the beach is one of the best family getaways you can take, even if you[…]

Tips and Tricks to Staying Healthy in Mexico 4 min read

Some healthy travel tips apply no matter where you’re traveling in Mexico. You’ve likely heard not to[…]

Navigating International Health Insurance for Location-Independent Workers5 min read

Now that many companies are offering the opportunity to work remotely, people who would never have considered[…]