5 Health Benefits of Seafood and the Best Locations to Try It3 min read

Choosing what you want to eat is a big decision. You deserve something delicious and satisfying, but the food should also support your health. Consider these health benefits of seafood when picking your next meal from the best restaurants in the world.

1. It Fights Eye Diseases

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the most powerful nutrients in seafood. You’ll get plenty in each bite if you opt for pan-seared tuna. As your body absorbs the omega-3s, the fatty acids aid your eyes by preventing degenerative diseases that could worsen your vision with time. You can also find this fish in sushi restaurants since it lends a savory flavor to the seaweed-wrapped dish.

Best Place to Try It: Hatsunezushi Sushi in Tokyo, Japan

2. It Strengthens Your Immune System

Order that delicious plate of king crab the next time you’re out to eat. Harvard experts found that fatty fish have omega-3 acids, which boost the immune system by soothing cellular inflammation. Pair it with coleslaw or steamed veggies for an extra healthy treat.

Best Place to Try It: Operakällaren in Stockholm, Sweden

3. It Prevents Memory Loss

Cooked clams can do more than create the ultimate seafood dinner. They also make you less likely to lose memories because they contain vitamin B12. The vitamin fuels your neurons so they don’t die, which is how memories stay intact. Whether you enjoy them Mediterranean-style or slathered in garlic sauce, clams could be your new favorite food to create a healthier lifestyle.

Best Place to Try It: Shuck Seafood & Raw Bar in Halifax, Nova Scotia

4. It Boosts Your Heart Health

If cardiovascular disease is prominent in your family, you’ve likely seen loved ones start eating healthier, exercising more and smoking less to improve their heart health. You can do those things too, but remember to enjoy a plate of seafood occasionally.

Seafood like swordfish contains vitamin D, which reduces myocardial infarction (MI) risk by 28% when consumed as fatty fish. Study participants who took vitamin D supplements didn’t have the same cardioprotective results. 

There’s nothing like swordfish rolled in tangy spices and topped with a foamy buttermilk sauce. Your next meal will be even better because you know you’re helping your heart.

Best Place to Try It: Sixpenny in Sydney, Australia

5. It Decreases Joint Pain

It’s important to follow your doctor’s advice when living with a condition that causes joint pain. In addition to their prescribed treatments, you could add more seafood to your diet. Fatty fish like herring have enough omega-3s to reduce the inflammation exacerbating your rheumatoid arthritis.

Order a dish featuring herring when you’re ready to try something new. It’s perfect with a creamy sauce or tucked inside a loaf of bread with fresh cheese and vegetables.

Best Place to Try It: Volendammer Vishandel MOP in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Seafood

Plan your next global adventure around some of the best meals straight from the ocean. You’ll enjoy the health benefits of seafood dishes and potentially improve your quality of life if you’re concerned about your heart, joints or brain health. The omega-3 fatty acids and numerous vitamins in each bite will facilitate more remarkable healing so you can live your best life wherever you travel.


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