Exploring the Hidden Gems of Milos, Greece3 min read

Want the beauty and grandeur of Greece without the crowds and tourist traps? Look no further than the serene island of Milos.

This island remains relatively quiet, giving you the sense of an undiscovered paradise or perhaps what Greece felt before tourism dominated the Aegean Sea. In Milos, you can’t go wrong—from the beaches to the restaurants, every sight is worth visiting. Fortunately, the island is small enough to explore in a couple of days but trust me, you will want to stay a lot longer than that.

Put on Your Helmet

The best way to explore Milos is by quad or ATV. Many parts of Milos are still remote and inaccessible to travelers by car. So, to experience those exquisite, hard-to-reach beaches, you’ll want a vehicle that can tackle gravel roads and dirt paths.

Fortunately, the open roads in Milos are often safer than the winding and congested roads found on overcrowded islands like Santorini.

Skip the Relaxation; Dive into Adventure

Unlike the soft sands of Mykonos, Milos beaches aren’t known for their cabanas or lounge chairs. While they may be less inviting for sunbathing, Milos beaches offer a more unique experience.

First, visit the famous lunar landscape of Sarakiniko Beach, also known as Moon Beach, and feel like you’re on another planet. Explore Tsigrado Beach, where the only way to access the tiny sliver of shore is via a long ladder sandwiched in between the cliffs. A kayak or boat tour will take you to beaches on the southern coast inaccessible by land, where you can feel hot pockets of sulfur bubbling up from beneath the sea floor. At restaurants along these beaches, you can even eat fish cooked in clay pots buried beneath the volcanic sand, which can reach temperatures of up to 199 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t skip out on a day trip to Kleftiko, a cove of white volcanic rocks and sea caves once used as an old pirate hideout. There, you can snorkel in the crystal-clear turquoise waters and explore caves only accessible by boat. Next, stop by Poliaigos Island, the Aegean Sea’s largest uninhabited island, named after the many goats that originally roamed there.

Enjoy the Best Sunset and Local Bites of the Mediterranean

While other islands may boast about their sunsets—yes, they’re incredible, too—Milos offers some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the Mediterranean. Head to the capital town of Plaka, grab a cocktail to-go, and hike up to the Venetian Castle for the best panoramic views of the entire island. On a good night, you may have the mountaintop all to yourself as you watch the sun sink below the Aegean Sea.

Afterward, enjoy an exceptional meal at any of Plaka’s culinary hotspots. If you want my advice, never skip the Greek salad topped with local goat cheese or the moussaka. Whether or not you’re an eggplant fan, you’ll completely fall in love with this traditional Greek eggplant casserole.

To end the night, treat yourself to a Greek mojito, one of the most refreshing cocktails I’ve ever had. It’s made with lime, mint and mastiha, a liqueur seasoned with a slight pine flavor extracted from the mastic tree, a small evergreen native to the Mediterranean. But be aware—only a few restaurants and bars offer this drink. Does this mean it’s Milos’ best-kept secret? I’m not sure, but I’m glad I found it.


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