Tips for Planning a Galentine’s Day Vacation3 min read

Valentine’s Day is coming. Know what that means? The much-more-fun Galentine’s Day is also coming!

Popularized by the super-positive Parks and Recreation character Leslie Knope, Galentine’s Day has taken on a life of its own because, well, it’s a great idea. Celebrating your best girlfriends is a great alternative to focusing on the state of your romantic life. Plus, there’s no limit to the number of friends you can celebrate with on Galentine’s Day, which discourages comparing and encourages joy. 

Technically, Galentine’s Day is February 13th, so you can celebrate both, but we recommend letting Galentine’s Day take over the weekend closest to the Hallmark holiday. Here are some things to think about if you want to plan a weekend with the girls. 

Choosing the Location

Galentine’s Day is all about the group, so it’s best to make sure the trip feels like a group decision. Suggest a few destinations, maybe with an activity per location to paint a picture of what your days might look like, and then put it to a vote. 

When you are deciding on options, keep the time frame and everyone’s budget front of mind. Is this a trip that all your invites can afford? If you are only going for one weekend, would you spend more time getting there than you would spend at your destination? A weekend getaway calls for a place that offers some activities, but not too many. You don’t want to leave feeling like you haven’t really seen it. 

Planning Activities

The true spirit of Galentine’s Day demands that you celebrate what makes your friends special. When planning activities, think about your friends’ skills and gifts. What would give them each a chance to shine?

You could also focus on activities that would promote group bonding. Depending on the dynamics of your group, that could mean many different things: an escape room, a meal you all cook together or a club you help each other get ready for. 

Quiet Time

We love our gal pals, but not everyone is used to spending two full days with a group. Even the best of friends need to decompress, so make sure not to pack the schedule too much. Build in time between excursions where everyone has the option to return to your lodgings and rest, or work in some low-impact activities, such as time at a pool, park or coffee shop where friends who might need a break can pull out their phone or a book while others keep socializing. 

Gift Giving

Commercialization thankfully hasn’t come for Galentine’s Day yet, but a nice way to put a cherry on top of your weekend would be to honor your friends. Prepare a speech about what makes each of them special, or suggest a game over drinks where you take turns complimenting each other. 

If you decide to add gift-giving to your adventure, remember that small and personal works better for this weekend than giving the same gift to every member of the group. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive—your friend just has to know that you care about her. And chances are, if she’s joining you for Galentine’s Day weekend, she already does. 


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