Winter Destinations for Plant People: How To Fit Some Green Into Your Cold-Weather Vacation2 min read

Are you a plant lover planning winter travel? Or do you have a plant person in your party? When the weather is cold, there is a lot you can do and see to fit greenery into your vacation. Studies show that even interaction with indoor plants reduces stress, anxiety, and tension, so incorporating plant life into your plans could help even someone with no green thumb relax. 

Here are some ideas for sites to look for no matter where you go. Because some of these options involve coordination or could impact where you stay, they work best to look into during the planning stage of your trip. 


Throughout the world, there are greenhouses worth visiting at botanical gardens and lesser-known sites. Search for “great greenhouses” in the state or province where you plan to travel. Check the visiting hours for small or privately owned greenhouses, as they may be limited. 

Don’t assume that just because there is a botanical garden nearby, it will have a worthwhile greenhouse. While not all botanical gardens prioritize greenhouses, some house conservatories are extraordinary. If you are still choosing your travel destination, search for the world’s best greenhouses first. One might coincide with a place you want to visit. 

Extraordinary destinations: The Kibble Palace, Glasgow, Scotland; Atocha Station Tropical Garden, Madrid, Spain; Brisbane Botanic Garden, Queensland, Australia

Winter Gardens

You don’t have to stay indoors if you dress for the weather! While most gardens lay dormant during winter, some are explicitly designed to shine in the cold. Look for gardens that prominently feature conifers, topiary, and other evergreens, as well as exterior architecture. The UK, in particular, is home to many gardens that showcase the beauty of cold weather.

Extraordinary destinations: Sir Harold Hillier Gardens, Hampshire, England; Kenrokuen Garden, Ishikawa, Japan; Garden of Morning Calm, Seoul, South Korea

Plant Stays

Why not find a place to lay your head surrounded by nature? While plenty of hotels have on-site gardens, the key to finding a plant-filled stay in winter is to search for lists of lodgings that feature interior gardens or lush plants in rooms. Alternative lodgings like Airbnb and VRBO shine in this category. Search specifically for lush, plant-filled or treehouse Airbnbs with windows that open you up to nature. 

Extraordinary destinations: Hotel Castello di Reschio, Umbria, Italy; Palm Heights, Cayman Islands; Lov ‘Nid Passion cabin, Joncherey, France

Garden Shows

If you travel domestically in the late winter months, the horticultural industry features several large flower and garden expos in anticipation of the spring season. Often located in large indoor exhibit spaces, these shows offer opportunities for attendees to see rare plants, view floral art, and buy bulbs, plants, and seeds for the coming season. 

Extraordinary destinations: The Philadelphia Flower Show; Northwest Flower & Garden Festival, Seattle; Antiques & Garden Show, Nashville


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