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Exploring the Hidden Jewels In The Adriatic Sea4 min read

The Adriatic Sea absolutely begs for a fun exploration journey with its stunning shoreline, charming towns and[…]

Korean Lettuce Wraps (Ssambap)2 min read

Ssam means “wrap” in Korean, and bap means “rice,” typically combining with meat and vegetables in a[…]

Escaping it all to the Mountain Town of Minca Colombia3 min read

By the time I arrived in Colombia, I’d been traveling through Central America, heading south, for three[…]

Fall Foliage Destinations in Asia3 min read

If you’re an American, a fall foliage trip might evoke specific images of sweaters, coffee, and small[…]

Beyond “Chips”: Tips for Eating Vegetarian While Traveling in Ireland2 min read

Are you excited about your vacation to Ireland but less excited about the prospect of winding up[…]

Festivals in Latin America to Visit Around Halloween3 min read

Planning to travel for spooky season? Have you considered going south?  Many nations in Central and South[…]

Exploring the Hidden Gems of Milos, Greece3 min read

Want the beauty and grandeur of Greece without the crowds and tourist traps? Look no further than[…]

Cozy Winter Beverages from Around the World3 min read

Strolling through a Christmas market sipping mulled wine or snuggled up on the couch with a mug[…]

Waterfalls, Beach Bliss and Cultural Marvels: In Panamá, You Can Have It All2 min read

Central America is known for its endless waterfalls, pristine beaches and rich cultural experiences, making it the[…]